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Five-Tiered Styling Specialists

Just like true-blue beauty industry pros, our hairstylists have their own respective takes on hair design. This enables every customer to enjoy the advantage of being styled by experts that can achieve the look they wish to have for their locks. To showcase their varying degrees of expertise, renown, experience, and customer appeal, we feature hairstylists into five different levels. These are:

Junior Stylist - Stylist - Advanced Stylist - Lead Stylist - Master

Our Stylists

Our team of hairstylists is made up of New Orleans' cream of the crop. With individual styles that customers are sure to find compatible with their tastes for gorgeous styling, you'll surely find one with the capability to achieve the hairstyle that you have in mind. For complete hairstylist profiles, click on their photo. Our talented stylists are:



Brenda, Hair Stylist

Brenda, Master Stylist & Owner

Meghan, Senior Stylist & Extension Specialist

Meghan, Lead Stylist &
Extension Specialist


Samantha, Lead Stylist &

Madeline, Advanced Stylist

Madeline, Advanced Stylist

Taj Stylist
Taj, Stylist

Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson, Stylist

Mary Beth Wright

Mary Beth Wright, Stylist

Jewel Sedgebeer

Jewel Sedgebeer, Stylist